The Details

  • Online webinar

    Join Tamarah and Melissa, women's health physical therapists from Mommy Berries for a session you don't want to miss. Gain valuable information and have your questions answered.

  • Who should sign up

    Moms preparing for or recovering from a c-section.

Information Included

  • Anatomy of a C-section

  • C-section stigma

  • Dispelling myths

  • How to prepare

  • Early days postpartum

  • Positions for comfort

  • Abdominal binders

  • Wound management

  • Return to exercise

  • Scar massage

What people are saying

  • Abigail S. (Doula)

    "I loved it! This is absolutely a course that needs to be offered. Not having a c-section myself, it can be a struggle to connect those dots for my doula clients and childbirth education students who are planning a scheduled section. This was full of great info to help fill in those missing pieces."

  • Joanne H.

    "I am glad I have the info to understand what my body went through and many ideas I wish I had known in hindsight."

  • Beth P.

    "I delivered my first through an emergency c-section at 34 weeks, but was not feeling prepared to deliver my second through a planned c-section. Both my husband and I watched the session and found it very helpful. We are both now feeling more at ease and as ready as we can be. Thank you!!"

  • Marci S.

    "The C-section webinar given by Mommy Berries was excellent. It was interesting and informative, and so absolutely necessary for any women to hear after having this procedure. I recommend it to any woman who has lingering questions about how to fully recover from this procedure."

The Instructors


Tamarah Nerreter

Tamarah is a pelvic health physical therapist in Vancouver, BC. She has extensive experience in the treatment of pre/post natal patients, diastasis recti, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pediatric continence, prolapse, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain issues, post surgical and osteoporotic patients. Outside of physiotherapy, Tamarah enjoys family life and activities in the outdoors (mountain biking, SUP, snowboarding, hiking). She is a runner who enjoys competing in ½ marathons and trail races. Tamarah is the proud mother of four kids, motherhood keeps her happy, laughing, active and smiling everyday.


Melissa Dessaulles

Hi my name is Melissa Dessaulles. I am a pelvic health physical therapist and founder of Mommy Berries. I’m a mom of 2 who enjoys an active lifestyle. Through my own postpartum journey, I recognized the lack of support and guidance for new moms. Women everywhere are experiencing life changing, sometimes embarrassing symptoms, that are not discussed. I have a passion to educate and advocate for proactive rather than reactive pelvic floor health care. I believe that by acknowledging the pelvic floor’s role in childbirth and providing client-centred rehabilitation, women can come out feeling empowered. You can find me in person at Wave Physiotherapy in Kelowna, Canada and on social media @mommyberrieshealth.