The Details

  • Online course

    Join Melissa, pelvic health physical therapist from Mommy Berries for this 75 minute course. Work at your own pace, learn valuable information and have your questions answered.

  • Who Should Sign Up

    Expecting moms at any stage of pregnancy who want to take a proactive approach to birth and postpartum recovery.

  • The Benefits

    All the information circling around can be overwhelming. This course will decrease the overwhelm and leave you with a better understanding of your body and an actionable plan.

Information Included

  • The pelvic floor during pregnancy

  • Kegels: good or bad?

  • How to do perineal massage

  • Diastasis during pregnancy

  • Exercise during pregnancy

  • How to prepare the pelvic floor for an easier birth

  • Where to start with postpartum recovery

What people are saying

  • Stacey, Kelowna BC

    Melissa has a wealth of information that not only is she passionate about, but she is able to present in a way that will empower you and get you moving in the right direction. Excellent, intuitive and effective.

  • Carolyn, Calgary AB

    This workshop is incredibly helpful in starting to plan how to prepare your body for delivery. It was worth every minute and penny! Most importantly, she cares about your pelvic floor as much as you do.

  • Dani, Kelowna BC

    The workshop provided a wealth of information in a way that was approachable and practical for all pregnant women. Would I recommend this workshop to my pregnant friends... YES!

  • K. T, Kelowna

    Thanks, Melissa, for providing such valuable information regarding pelvic health during and after pregnancy! The material in your webinar was easy to understand and you provided some great practical tips that will be very helpful to me as my pregnancy progresses. My husband and I are moving back to Kelowna for my delivery and I'm already wanting to book an in-person appointment with you!

  • Samantha, Kelowna BC

    This session was so informative and important! It has the perfect mix of information and practical application that made me feel like I have a few more tools going into the labour and delivery process as a first time mom. It was easy to follow and not filled with medical jargon that I couldn't understand. I've had the privilege of being a patient of Melissa's as well and found that this was a great way to supplement our sessions let the information soak in. Thank you so much for creating these spaces for sharing this information that is not talked about as much as it should be!

  • Elizabeth

    Mel is incredibly knowledgeable and broke down the anatomy of my pelvic floor in a way that made sense. I now feel more empowered and less in the dark about what to expect during labor, delivery and postpartum. She also gave useful tips that I hadn't heard from my prenatal classes, friends, or prenatal yoga classes. I highly recommend this even if it's not your first baby!

The Teacher


Melissa Dessaulles

Hi my name is Melissa Dessaulles. I am a pelvic health physical therapist and founder of Mommy Berries. I’m a mom of 2 who enjoys an active lifestyle. Through my own postpartum journey, I recognized the lack of support and guidance for new moms. Women everywhere are experiencing life changing, sometimes embarrassing symptoms, that are not discussed. I have a passion to educate and advocate for proactive rather than reactive pelvic floor health care. I believe that by acknowledging the pelvic floor’s role in childbirth and providing client-centred rehabilitation, women can come out feeling empowered. You can find me in person at Wave Physiotherapy in Kelowna, Canada and on social media @mommyberrieshealth.

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