From the Inside Out:

Postpartum Recovery

We get pregnant to have a baby, but we don't anticipate coming out with an injury. Unlike other injuries, we don't rehabilitate the female body after pregnancy and birth. This program includes the information that I believe all women post vaginal and c-section birth should be given for a successful postpartum recovery.

What people are saying

  • Ashley B, Guelph

    The education and exercises each week enabled me to begin the reconnection with my body. Starting early on at 2 weeks postpartum really facilitated my recovery.

  • Kayla R, Ontario

    It really did help me make that mind body connection with my pelvic floor and being more aware overall. I also learned so much that I no longer have fear or anxiety towards my post baby recovery I think the way you speak and communicate resonates with me and I find you truly authentic in the way you deliver your message. It never feels fake, overly scripted etc. You always seem genuine towards everything you talk about and you can see your passion!

  • Jasmina R. Williams Lake

    Thank you for everything. I'm so glad I did the program. I feel more in touch with my body than ever and am enjoying exercise, which is the best part.