The Details

  • Online Webinar

    Join Brittany and Melissa, pelvic health physical therapists as they walk you through the body's journey during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Learn how to apply training principles to this unique population.

  • Who should sign up

    Gym owners, kinesiologists, personal trainers and cross fit coaches who are looking to retain and best support pregnant and postpartum women.

  • Benefits of the webinar

    Women want to stay fit during and after pregnancy. Gain knowledge, confidence and position yourself to help.

Why you may be losing postpartum members

  • Pregnant and postpartum women don't feel understood

  • Modifications aren't provided

  • Exercise leads to embarrassing symptoms

  • Going to the gym makes them realize everything they CAN'T do

Information included

  • anatomy of the pelvic floor and deep core unit

  • Changes to the body during pregnancy

  • Diastasis

  • Musculoskeletal impacts of pregnancy and birth

  • The early postpartum period

  • the role trainers/coaches play

  • Fitness progressions

The Teachers


Brittany Klingmann

Orthopedic physical therapist with special interest in Pelvic Health. I am a Mom of 2, and engage in an active lifestyle. My personal postpartum recovery and participation in high impact and strength sports including CrossFit and Weightlifting has inspired me to help bridge the gap for postpartum women. Providing education to the gym owners/coaches/personal trainers is an asset moving towards improving awareness and support for women. MPT, BSc Kin, CAFCI, CF-L1


Melissa Dessaulles

Hi my name is Melissa Dessaulles. I am a pelvic health physical therapist and founder of Mommy Berries. I’m a mom of 2 who enjoys an active lifestyle. Through my own postpartum journey, I recognized the lack of support and guidance for new moms. Women everywhere are experiencing life changing, sometimes embarrassing symptoms, that are not discussed. I have a passion to educate and advocate for proactive rather than reactive pelvic floor health care. I believe that by acknowledging the pelvic floor’s role in childbirth and providing client-centred rehabilitation, women can come out feeling empowered. You can find me in person at Wave Physiotherapy in Kelowna, Canada and on social media @mommyberrieshealth.